Service Overview

If you are looking for replacement garage doors in Chicago call Above the Rest Garage Door for high quality service and quick repairs. Sometimes you’re unsure whether your garage door needs replacement and that’s understandable, as garage doors replacement can be a substantial investment. Normally there are two reasons that it needs to be replaced: aesthetics or for safety reasons.


As your house ages, paint and other building materials age and break down as well. The same goes for your garage door. Many older garage doors are made of wood and tend to age rapidly when the paint fails and the underlying wood gets wet and weathers. Then the door looks bad and can often sag noticeably as the wood deteriorates. When this happens, not only does the door look bad, it may become a safety problem if the door becomes structurally weak. Remember – your garage door is above your head when the door is open. This could pose as a safety hazard to you and your family and the best option would be to get your garage door repaired or to get a replacement garage door. Sometimes if a garage door looks visually deteriorated, but otherwise safe, the garage door can be painted and can last a few more years. Then, you may want to save your money for a replacement at a later date. Most modern garage doors are made from steel. When properly cared for, a steel door can often last a lifetime – remaining safe and beautiful for decades. If you have a steel garage door that just needs paint, you can often make it look almost as good as new with a new coat of paint.


As noted above, if your garage door is structurally unsound, then it becomes a danger to you and your family. Not to mention that a door in poor shape may attract burglars and other unsavory characters in the neighborhood. It’s a fact that many home theft problems arise when a burglar enters the home through an open or damaged garage door. If your door is in bad enough shape that it allows access to the inside of your home – then you need to purchase a replacement garage door to protect you and your family.